Light Graffiti: Facts, History, and Its Modern Development

When people hear about light graffiti, they probably think that it is just the same as the regular graffiti whice is ‘decorate’ the walls with pictures and images to express their self as artist. However, in this term, light graffiti is basically the graffiti light or light painting. This will be using a camera as the canvas and using light elements as brush. It is a part of the photography technique where people will adorn and make any kinds of shapes and images they like with the contribute of light source. Understanding Light Graffiti Also known as the light painting, Read More

The Hot Seat

New York’s 1500 Gallery has been representing Brazilian photographers since 2010. Claire Rigby caught up with its co- owner Andrew Klug at September’s SP-Arte/Foto You’re one of just two foreign galleries at SP-Foto. What brings you here? This is one of the main fairs of the year for us, because it’s the largest one in Latin America. There’s a potential goldmine of photography talent here that’s completely unknown to the rest of the world; but at the same time, we also want to bring other artists, international artists, here – to complement our New York gallery with a gallery in Read More


“Brazil’s Exploding Art Market” by Daisy Atterbury and Bronwen Roberts >> view original article A plate of feijoada, a Brazilian beef and bean dish, rests on a bikini – wearing woman’s burnished legs. Flakes of farofa, or toasted manioc-corn flour, settle over the dish and dust her thighs, like snow, as forks jut out of the food. The photograph, from the Ramos series, is by Julio Bittencourt, one of the rising stars of contemporary Brazilian photography and just one of the many Brazilian talents on the internationaL art scene today. With the infectious energy of an impromptu samba, Brazilian artists Read More


“Berlin by Night, a Glance at the Photographs of Tuca Vieira” by Daisy Atterbury >> view original article Industry muted, architecture diminished—Daisy Atterbury dips into the quietly dreamlike world of Brazilian Photographer Tuca Vieira’s nocturnal Berlin. A wall bisects the frame, creating horizontal bands of color. This is Berlinscapes #1, a photograph by Brazilʼs award-winning artist Tuca Vieira. The scene is empty, but the photograph is anything but: no color is reproduced anywhere else in the frame, every pixel of blue is different from the next. The result is a pearly glow of sky and a rich, almost burnished, band Read More

Swimming Pool, Stieglitz and Color

Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) was a major photographer, a pioneering gallery owner, a generous collector, a self-appointed cultural commissar and a compulsive polemicist. He was an evangel for photography, insisting that it be recognized as an art, and so he crowed that “The Metropolitan Museum has opened its sacred halls to Photography” when the museum accepted his gift of 22 photographs in 1928. Five years later, he made a further donation of 419 Pictorialist images and, in 1946, a final bequest of 199; these photographs were the start of the museum’s magnificent current collection. Pictorialism was the fin de siècle style Read More